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Team Meeting

It's time to get you out of the day-to-day of your business.

Ready to take action? 

Helping You Thrive Through Online Business Management

Hello! I am Dana!

Hey there. I am Dana Hitchcock. I am an online business manager, HR, and tech-solutions lover. As a mom of four school-age kiddos, a proud wife to a serial entrepreneur,  and a "doer-of-all-the-things," I know about juggling, time management, and getting real stuff done through systems and delegation. It takes a village to run our home too.
After 25 years in education, HR, and business management, I decided to start my own business to take my zone of genius and share it with visionary entrepreneurs like YOU.
Your business is my business and focus when we work together. I am the one you can trust, partner with, and hand over some of the high-level work so that we can get your business thriving and ready for scaling!
Let's get to it and systemize your business together so it's ready to get to the next level with you less involved in the day-to-day.
Are you ready? Let's do it! 
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Let me're here because... have a big vision for your business, but no time to get it accomplished. want more freedom, but there is too much to manage with your team every dang day. want freedom and vacations and all the good things, but you can't think of leaving your business for a day to do it!

Enjoying a Coffee

Solutions for Effective CEOs

Tired of not having a partner in your business?

Look no further. 

I get it. Doing it alone can bring on that overwhelming feeling and seem impossible some days. But I can support the vision you have for your business. My business has been created specifically to help your business grow. Through clear communication, you will know what is happening so you can feel secure that your business is taken care of. Let's work together to make your vision a reality.

Here is the solution!

Get the support you need

I help established entrepreneurs, just like you, get the back end of your business running smoothly so you can grow your business faster. 

Why work with me?


I have designed countless processes, systems, onboarding, and educational programs over the last 25 years and have over a decade of experience in the entrepreneurial world. 



I am a Certified Online Business Manager, SHRM- Human Resources Certified Professional, and hold Cornell University's Woman's Entrepreneur Certification. As a lifelong learner, I am continually developing my skills and take part in ongoing professional development.


I believe in partnerships, hard work, and commitment. When we work together you will get my best work and honest professional opinion. It's not always what you want to hear but sometimes it's what you need to hear. 

Q & A Time

Favorite way to unwind?

Enjoy a nice warm coffee in an oversized mug in the morning or go for an extra-long walk by myself. After hours, it's a nice glass of Chianti and a little tv time.


Natural talent?

Systemizing everything from home, to work, to 4 kids, and their schedules.

Most relaxing vacation?

Ixtapa, Mexico pre-kiddos but I love hiking in Utah with my family. I love hiking anywhere really.


Favorite family trip?

Ah, there are so many! Colorado, Destin, or West Texas. We love to get outdoors as a family and visit the National Parks.

Favorite way to indulge?

I love good wine and a great restaurant especially Italian. 

What're your Kolbe-A & 16 Personalities Score?

On the Kolbe, I am an 8-5-4-3 

And I am an ENFJ- Natural Leader - Altruistic - Reliable, Tolerant, and a Team Player!

What would other people say about you?

I get things done and I am a nerd. My husband jokes that I am always learning something new. It's true. I am a fact finder and lover of learning. The Kolbe-A hit the nail on the head with a high fact finder score!


Don't waste another moment going it alone.

If you are ready to have a partner in your business, it's time to talk!

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