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Your business is growing but it's time to have someone in the big picture with you. 

Planning and strategizing are better together.  I promise.
Power Hour Call
Your mind is full of ideas and visions for your business. But putting it all together and into action... well, it's not so easy for you.  
Or maybe you need just a little help creating a system or getting your onboarding organized so you can take the next steps.
Perhaps your business is just taking off and you need some guidance on what you should do next or how to hire? 
This call is for you! We will work together for 60 minutes to do all the things in your business. You will get my full attention and resources as we work together on your business.
It's an intensive work session with just you and me working ON YOUR business.
Human Resource Consulting | Systems Development | People Management | Marketing Systems 
All the above have all been topics of the Power Hour Call!
You will get:
  • A 60-minute Zoom Call and work session
  • A follow-up email with resources and a recap of our call.
  • Access to me via Voxer for one week to ask questions about our call together.
You will be amazed at how much we can get done!  Book now and Let's get to work!
Strategy Planning Session
Ready to get your 90-day strategy and growth lined out? 
This is for you. If you are serious about making an actionable plan and getting real things accomplished.
Let's work to talk about your goals, who, and how they will get done.
I am here to guide you through the process so you don't have to be frozen in your footsteps anymore.
You will get:
  • Two 60-minute Zoom Calls and work session
  • Resources and an action plan that you can use to make it all happen. 
  • Access to me via Voxer for one month to ask questions about our call together.
Project-Based Support
 You aren't quite ready to need all the support of an OBM but have some projects you could use support with... we have you covered! Let our team help support you and give you the foundation your need.  We will start with a call to lay out our goals. Then you will receive a customized proposal with an action plan and fee.  Projects are taken on based on the availability of our team. 
One-off projects are a great way to get things off your plate and get things done in your business.
We can help with: 
  • SOPS for social media
  • Tech set up: Dubsado, Calendly, Email systems, and more!
  • Automation set up
  • Systems set up
  • Recruiting and Hiring Team Members
Solutions for Small Business Start Here
 Operations Management
Starting at 40 hours per month, you can get out of the chaos!

Let us do our best work managing and systemizing so you can build the business you desire.
Are you ready for a trusted partner to work with you in your business? Working with me is not just delegating and outsourcing. It's a partnership focused on growing your business. Being an entrepreneur can be amazing but not if you are managing the people and projects all by yourself. Still dreaming of a vacation. Let's make it come true.
You will be happy knowing I am focused on what needs to be done in your business. From hiring, teams, metrics, marketing, and day-t0-day business, I will do what needs to be done so you can focus on your vision and making your business grow.
You will get back to: 
  • being the visionary and planning the big picture
  • coaching
  • developing programs and products
  • speaking with your ideal clients
  • setting new business goals 
  • taking that vacation you dreamed of
You will get:
  • weekly check-ins
  • weekly communication reports
  • systems
  • strategy
  • management
Is working with a Certified OBM right for you? Let's talk and see if hiring an OBM is the right fit for you and your business.

Clients say....

Work desk

Geoff Zimpfer, Founder of Mortgage Marketing Radio Podcast

Dana and her team have been instrumental in handling important tasks that both free up my time and help me grow my business. She's very responsive, professional and eager to help.


Tracey Matney, CEO of Victory Points Social

Dana is very detail oriented  and a powerhouse when it comes to business management. She cares deeply for her clients and is reliable, attentive and hardworking. Her ever-growing knowledge of HR, staffing, business and social media marketing keeps her above the curve.

On Her Laptop

Misha Siner, Senior Business Leader 

Dana is results-oriented, forward-thinking, and extremely client-focused. I would not hesitate to lean on her for any project - big or small. I have witnessed firsthand her tenacity, navigation through unchartered situations, and superior time/resource management skills.

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