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Virtual Business Support for

Small Business

Getting business owners back to working on their business and not for it

Hi! I am Dana.

 I help small businesses owners & entrepreneurs get back to working on their business and not for it!

I am here to help ease your day to day so you can focus on growing your business. In our technology-filled world businesses can run extremely efficiently with less "in office" help than ever before. This is where I come in to be your virtual business partner and help grow your business from afar.


Perhaps you have found a morning inbox overflowing with emails, reservations that need to be made and you are trying to design a new product. Did anyone follow up with that high-end client? You know the story.


Running your business can leave no space for creative energy and developing your business. It is time to delegate.

It's not easy being a small business owner

when you wear too many hats.


You can get back to being creative, focusing on your clients and strategic growth when you have a reliable partner that is interested in growing YOUR business.


Let's talk about how I can bring solutions, ideas and then implement them to grow your business. 


Let's talk about your

business needs and make

YOUR VISION come true.


Are you really ready to work with a dedicated assistant?

1. Are you tired of making daily decisions?



Operating a business requires a lot of day to day decisions and repetitive tasks. Why are you still answering the same questions? What is with the constant interruptions?


Let's take time to develop your systems, get your processes down and implement them together.



2. Do you need more time in your day? 



It is time to let a trusted partner take over tasks and help you manage your team to get things done. Think about this... are you acting like the CEO or still having to manage the day to day? 



3. Are projects and managing parts of your business bogging you down?



Virtual business partners are your go-to planners, organizers, and managers who will keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

If you answered yes to any of these... let's talk! 

I can help!


  • Certificate in Women's Entrepreneurship -  Cornell University

  • Society of Human Resource Management - Certified Professional


SHRM Certification (Society for Human Resource Management) is the new standard for HR professionals around the globe. Professionals who have earned the competency-based certification understand best practice for handling day to day business and unexpected situations. 


The certification focuses on leadership, business acumen, interpersonal skills, workplace law, strategic planning, organizational effectiveness, consulting and organizational development. This certification also requires lifelong learning and continued continuing education on current issues in human resources.

Personality  Scores

Meyers Briggs ESFJ

  • Loyal and Trustworthy

  • Excellent Managers

  • Natural Networker

  • Social Intelligence

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