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40+ Ways to Use an Online Business Manager Even if your Business is NOT Online

Most business owners become overwhelmed with too much to do when their business is growing. As our business grew there were so many things to juggle and do. We ended up losing business and missing opportunities because we were busy with all the day-to-day doing instead of managing and delegating.

Big mistake and we quickly learned to hire a team to help us grow our business.

So how do you free up your time even if you have a brick-and-mortar business and are “doing” too much?

Outsourcing and getting heavy tasks off your plate.

Let’s look at how an OBM can help a business that isn’t online.

Manage Projects

  1. Create project plans including timelines, processes, and people

  2. Setup and maintain project management tool

  3. Delegate details of the project to the team

  4. Communicate project status and ongoing details to team members

  5. Follow-up with the team and ensure tasks are completed on time

  6. Manage project budgets

  7. Handle challenges of the project and focus on a solution

  8. Lead the project team from beginning to end

Manage Team

  1. Review and update job descriptions

  2. Create KPIs for each role

  3. Manage hiring and screening of candidates

  4. Screen candidates

  5. Improve current hiring process

  6. Craft job postings

  7. Share opportunities for jobs on a variety of networks and groups

  8. Check references, make an offer, and get a signed contract from a team member

  9. Hire high-quality team members

  10. Handle team challenges

  11. Create appreciation and motivation programs for the team

Manage Operations

  1. Review key systems of a business including marketing, customer service, billing, communication, back-ups, follow-up, and delivery of services

  2. Create processes and tools

  3. Create and maintain an SOP guide

Track Metrics

  1. Track key metrics for the business on a weekly and/or monthly basis

  2. Set up a reporting system including key metrics

  3. Analyze and create visual graphs of the metrics

  4. Review and report on Google Analytics metrics

Manage your Website & Digital Marketing

  1. Manage your online presence on Indeed, Glassdoor, and social media accounts

  2. Review content and links on the website and digital platforms

  3. Manage website updates and redesigns

  4. Find and hire design teams

  5. Set up behind the scenes for list building, purchases

  6. Test all links, forms, and buy buttons

  7. Set up a store page with all offerings and products

  8. Manage website updates

Manage your Marketing

  1. Set up and monitor email campaigns and results

  2. Manage ads and promotional materials

  3. Coordinate with affiliate and JV patterns for promotions

  4. Manage the day-to-day implementation of the marketing strategy which could include:

    • Affiliate marketing

    • Articles and blogging

    • Audio/Video

    • Email marketing

    • Publicity

    • PR

    • Social Media

    • Speaking engagements

    • Conferences

    • Swag

Set up Systems

  1. Create an email management system

  2. Create a scheduling system

  3. Create a system for planning

  4. Set up your EOS templates and system

Strategic Planning

  1. Create 90-day strategy plans

  2. Create an action plan to achieve goals

The overall goal here is to free up the business owner so they know things are getting done, done well, and not by them! When an online business manager can free up space for the business owner, they can focus on making more sales, developing products, and getting things done that will create revenue and build their business.

Dana Hitchcock is an Online Business Manager and a People - Processes - Projects Strategist. She helps entrepreneurs organize, strategize and prioritize their business to go from overwhelmed to streamlined and fancy-free!

After over 20 years in education and a decade as a successful entrepreneur, she launched her own business to help entrepreneurs clean up the back end of their business. She is a Certified OBM and HR professional. In her spare time, she loves watching Food Network, especially Alton Brown, and cooking up new things.

Dana is also a wife, and mom of 4 with dreams of traveling the world and seeing it all!

Book a free call to talk more about your business goals and vision. Let's see if hiring an OBM is the right fit for you and your business.

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