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The Simple Solution for Your Business: The Online Business Manager

You know the feeling. You are running your business, you are relentless but there is too much to do every freaking day to keep steady momentum going.

How do you scale and level up without burning the midnight oil every day?

You need a team. Simple enough, right?

Let’s say you have an online business. Perhaps you have a VA and a social media manager, but now you are managing them. Spending your time monitoring their work, setting goals but it’s still not enough support.

You are bogged down with all the things. You are making sales, serving your customers, trying to build new products and offers but there are only 24 hours in a day.

As a business owner, it’s time to know when you need someone else to step into your business and help you run your company. But what type of person can step into your business to become the superhero you need?

Enter the Online Business Manager.

An Online Business Manager will partner with you to help manage your day-to-day operations, projects, people, and processes. And in the online business world, they juggle all the things that business owners do. They are your partner. They walk with you to help you lead and move your business forward.

But what exactly is an OBM (Online Business Manager)? And how can you use them in your business be it online or not?

Let’s break it all down for you.

What does an OBM do?

OBMs are the managers of the business, making sure all the things are getting done by the right people at the right time. They manage your people, projects, and processes.

They are the managers who will be monitoring and watching the daily life of your business. Sometimes we refer to them as project managers, office managers, integrators, HR, and even sometimes strategic partners. But most of all they oversee and manage the business. This allows the exhausted overworked business owner to hand over some of the crucial pieces of the business to be managed by the OBM.

Managing the People, Projects, and Processes in Your Business!

Can someone really manage parts of your precious business from afar? We can and we do. Through excellent communication and project management, your OBM will become your business BFF. The right OBM will care as much about YOUR business as they do about theirs. We will get right down in there with you to start working on those big-picture goals.

How OBMs Support Your Business

People Management - From helping to define a role and assess the needs of your business, your OBM will be there to lead you through hiring. For many business owners, especially new ones, this can be a challenging area. Your OBM will lead the efforts in sourcing, hiring, and onboarding your new team members to meet the business goals. OBMs are also great people leaders. They motivate, give feedback, and help develop your team.

Project Management - In business, there are projects galore. Many visionaries have all the ideas and need guidance in prioritizing, planning, and managing the execution of the plan. Never fear! With an OBM in place for launches, events, or new offerings, you can rest assured that your OBM is managing the team and timelines. From planning to execution, they are with you through all stages of the launch.

Online Business Managers will also help review your revenue stream including your events, programs, books, workbooks, and other products you sell. Who better to know your business than the partner you have chosen to support you and work toward your goals. OBM

And because your business is online, your online business manager can also review your website for outdated content, test your links, assure forms and automation sequences are working properly.

Process Management - It’s time to get your business systems out of your head and documented. Are your business systems documented so your team knows how to handle situations while you take a vacation? It’s time to take a break to recharge and know your business is running smoothly without you. An OBM can step in to review your current systems, documents, and suggest more effective ways to get things done.

There are Many Other Ways that OBMs can Support You in Your Business.

Online Business Managers are where strategy and implementation come together. We partner with the Visionary of the company. We support you by looking at the big picture and strategic planning. When my husband and I were working together, we had big lofty goals for our staffing company. But when it came down to it, I was planning, looking at the numbers, tracking the metrics, hiring team members, and managing many projects. I was the manager of people, projects, and processes so he could continue building our company as the visionary.

Online Business Managers work differently with different clients based on their needs. Your small business is yours and yours alone and needs unique care. I get that. I strongly feel that building a business is like having a baby that needs lots of tender loving care and nurturing. And when your business starts to have a lot of needs, it’s time to get help to manage that growing baby so it can grow into something really great.

How is this sounding to you?

Want to learn more about how an online business manager can help you in your business?

Book a complimentary call with me to talk about your business and let’s see if an OBM is right for you.

Dana Hitchcock is an Online Business Manager and a People - Processes - Projects Strategist. She helps entrepreneurs organize, strategize and prioritize their business to go from overwhelmed to streamlined and fancy-free!

After over 20 years in education and a decade as a successful entrepreneur, she launched her own business to help entrepreneurs clean up the back end of their business. She is a Certified OBM and HR professional. In her spare time, she loves watching Food Network, especially Alton Brown, and cooking up new things.

Dana is also a wife, mom of 4 with dreams of traveling the world and seeing it all!

Book a free call to talk more about your business goals and vision. Let's see if hiring an OBM is the right fit for you and your business.

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