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Comfortable Being Uncomfortable!

"Dana, you face your fears head-on."

I remember my husband saying those exact words to me and I realized it was true.

I have learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable in life. And entrepreneurship evokes a lot of emotion and uncertainty almost every day. We learn new skills, find new talents, learn about success and failure.

Entrepreneurship is a ride full of change and uncertainty.

When you are building a business you are everything and everyone. Everyday.

Situations arise that you can't foresee or you haven't enough experience to have a clear answer on what to do. It is through entrepreneurship and building our business that I became very comfortable being uncomfortable. Take a deep breath and know you can do this.

And guess what!?

Everything turns out fine or better 99.9999% of the time!

Simon Sinek gives a great talk about the difference between being nervous and excited. (It's a great talk of his if you haven't seen it.) And this is the way I have decided to embrace the rest of my life and my business journey. I have the choice each day to be nervous or to be energetic, excited, and ready to embrace the day. I love meeting new people, learning new things, and the adventure that comes along with it.

We must push ourselves to grow. Continue on the journey.

So, if something has you not so sure in your business. Don't worry. You have got this.

Take a deep breath and find the excitement in it. You just might find it's not so bad. I actually have found being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable can be pretty amazing.

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Dana Hitchcock is an Online Business Manager and a People - Processes - Projects Strategist. She helps entrepreneurs organize, strategize and prioritize their business to go from overwhelmed to streamlined and fancy-free!

After over 20 years in education and a decade as a successful entrepreneur, she launched her own business to help entrepreneurs clean up the back end of their business. She is a Certified OBM and HR professional. In her spare time, she loves watching Food Network, especially Alton Brown, and cooking up new things.

Dana is also a wife and mom of 4 with dreams of traveling the world and seeing it all!

Book a free call to talk more about your business goals and vision. Let's see if hiring an OBM is the right fit for you and your business.

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