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The Differences Between a Virtual Assistant (VA) and Online Business Manager (OBM)

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Since the uptick in online businesses, you may see these acronyms thrown around a whole bunch in the online world, or you may be looking to hire or bring in an OBM or a VA.

I am here to help you sort out the difference between the two roles and help you figure out what you need in your business.

Here we go!

When you have a business that is growing, you’ll start to need help to get things done in your business as you serve your clients with your top-notch services.

Virtual assistance is a general term for a virtual support professional who owns their own business and provides a service to business owners. A virtual assistant can come into your business to assist you with all the things.

Let’s talk about VA (Virtual Assistant) services first.

The most popular services for virtual assistants to provide are administrative services, customer service, and social media support for growing businesses. You will also find many amazing VAs out there building sales funnels, providing tech support, and providing marketing services as well.

The most important thing to know about your virtual support team is that they are the implementation. They do the work. You will love them because they will save you hours of time if you hire the right people.

Introducing: The Online Business Manager, your new business partner.

An online business manager will partner with you to manage your people, processes, and projects. Did you see the keyword there? Managing. As you consistently hit that 10K+ a month gross revenue, this is a good time to consider bringing in an online business manager. An OBM will help partner with you, the business owner, to free up your time so you have the space to create and explore new ideas.

Now, let’s say you aren’t hitting the revenue to have an OBM in your business on a monthly basis. If you are feeling bogged down and want to get your systems in place, consulting with an OBM is also a great way to build your business before it explodes.

Many OBMs like myself offer consultation services, one-off projects, retainer services, VIP days, and more. The best way to connect with an OBM is through a discovery call or free consultation to talk about your business and needs.

Where are you in your business?

Drop me an email and let me know if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you. -Dana

Dana Hitchcock is an Online Business Manager and a People - Processes - Projects Strategist. She helps entrepreneurs organize, strategize and prioritize their business to go from overwhelmed to streamlined and fancy-free!

After over 20 years in education and a decade as a successful entrepreneur, she launched her own business to help entrepreneurs clean up the back end of their business. She is a Certified OBM and HR professional. In her spare time, she loves watching Food Network, especially Alton Brown, and cooking up new things.

Dana is also a wife, mom of 4 with dreams of traveling the world and seeing it all!

Book a free call to talk more about your business goals and vision. Let's see if hiring an OBM is the right fit for you and your business.

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